Safety Officers

We provide safety officers at your door step to make you secure every time

Static Officers

We understand your importance that's why we provide you personal guard

Armed Officers

We provide you fully equipped armed officers

Arm mobile and residential patrol

We provide you Arm mobile and residential patrol according to your needs

Evacuation and Safety Evaluation

We understand your importance that's why we provide you Evacuation and Safety Evaluation

Emergency Response Technicians

In emergency we have the quick response unit always ready

Camera Monitoring

We provide you Camera Monitoring to monitor every single activity

Courier Services

We deliver your gods with full proof security

Security / Safety Audits

We provide teams that audits your security

Shuttle services

We provide private Shuttle services for personal, business, celebs etc

K 9 Services

We provide you k9 Services as well on demand


We provide consulting related to every aspect of security

Medic Services

We provide medic services as per requirments.

Billing Process

Following is the our billing details:

  • A monthly spreadsheet with the hours worked will be submitted with the invoice.
  • Flat rate will apply for weekends and public holidays.
  • 10% contingency

Terms & Conditions

Our terms & conditions includes the following:

  • Payment within 40 Days from Date Invoice is tendered.
  • 2% increase charge on outstanding invoice over 60 days.

Delta Force sert recognizes the need to provide additional service to our clients at any given time. Our Security department is available 24 Hrs. to provide any of the following services.

  • The Cost of Living as indicated in the general Index Retail prices more than 10 %.
  • Headline inflation as release by the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago.
  • The rate of exchange or variation of the US dollar against TT dollar more than 5 %.
  • Any Statutory Changes made by the Government of the Day.


Delta Force follows the under mention process for employment within the Security Emergency Response department.

  1. Screening of all applications. ( Exam and data form to be completed)
  2. Short listing and interviews.
    • Interviews conducted by Chief Security Officer together with the H.R Department.
    • All candidates must provide:
      1. Provision of C.O.C
      2. Provision of all original document.
      3. Medical form to be completed by applicant doctor.
      4. Character reference form.
      5. Provision of full body / Passport size picture
      6. Copy of DP / or other form of national ID

Delta force Sert is very stringent and will attempt at every stage to ensure the screening of the applicant is done to achieve an individual with clean character and great personality. This procestakes approximately 7 working days before recruitment.At the time of us awarding the opportunity to serve, we will discuss this process with you.


Other areas of consideration also include:

  • Physical structure.
  • Emotional stability (ability to work under pressure and cope with stress).
  • Human and public relation
  • Interest in growth, training and development
  • Personnel
    1. Age over 20 yrs.
    2. Height. 5’ 6” and above.
    3. Well-built and in good physical condition.
    4. No impairment / deformities.
    5. Well groomed.

General observation / notes during recruiting.

  • Grooming
  • Good command of English language, Handwriting
  • Ability to understand the questionnaire and response in a meaningful way.
  • Family life and background
  • Associations, Social life, Educational improvement, Employment history
  • Financial Status
  • Experience in driving
  • Reason for wanting to leave last employer
  • Handling of criticism, Ability to work shift / long hours
  • General accomplishment in life, Interest in sports / religion / politics
  • Key strengths / weakness